edataconsulting is a company specialized in custom software development with offices in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), where most of the development team is located, Heidelberg and Gelsenkirchen (Germany).

Our team is composed of more than 60 experienced and committed people. We work to offer high-quality solutions for international companies who entrust us with the carrying out of their ambitious projects.

Our aim is to accompany our clients during the entire development process, from suggesting improvement options right through to putting them into effect. However, our commitment to our clients goes far beyond the delivery of a project. We remain at clients’ disposal to boost their business; with our knowledge and experience we help them adapt to the present and prepare for the future; and from there we build stable and long-lasting relationships. This is our greatest achievement.

How we work

Our belief is that each client and project is unique.

1. Interview with the client


In this first contact, we listen to the ideas of improvement you have in mind for your business. In this phase, it is important (although not strictly necessary) for you to provide us with all the information you have, so that we can get a general idea of the project and start giving shape to your vision.



This phase is the most important one of the whole process. Our consultants temporarily integrate your team to understand your business, your objectives and to identify the most critical problems. Once all this is accomplished, we offer solutions within your reach and totally adapted to your situation.

Proposal of a Solution


There may be a viable solution that fits your requirements already on the market; if so, we will find it and advise you during its acquisition and implementation if you so wish. If it does not exist, we will create it with you.

Design of customized software


We propose a product taking into account each and every functionality you request. In this phase we will determine factors such as appearance, the tasks to be carried out, the technologies to be used or the possible risks of the project with potential solutions, among other services. In short, in this phase we will give the specifications of what we are going to create.

Development and tests


We use the latest technologies and we apply our accumulated experience to make adaptable and high-performance applications in a short time. To ensure the quality of the software, our team tests each and every functionality developed. In this phase, it is crucial that you also take part in the testing so as to identify any need for changes or for new tools to be added to create more complete software.



We start up your software whenever you need it. We deliver the product, the code and all the documentation of your project prepared by our team. It is also the right time to discuss future collaboration opportunities or complementary services for your software, such as maintenance or updates.

Iterative process


The main advantage of iterative development is the ability to create a product that can adapt to changes. This quality is very much appreciated by companies that need software that adapts to their growth and/or that seek to be at the forefront. We can also help you keep your product alive.

Our partners

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Contact us

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Las Palmas de G.C. – Spain

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Heidelberg – Germany

Waldhofer Str. 17,69123 Heidelberg/Wieblingen
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Gelsenkirchen – Germany

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