Business Intelligence

Big Data

We turn your company data into valuable information that can help you make the best decisions more quickly.

As years go by, your company will have acquired different systems in which information is stored, and now you need this information to be well structured to make decisions based on it. We can take care of it. We will analyse and integrate all this data into a single data warehouse in order to perform an effective analysis providing information to base the next decisions made in your business on.

Once this is done, we can create the dashboards you need, showing your KPIs graphically and going into precise detail for you to determine the actions to carry out in order to achieve your goals.

Aeronautical software

Since our inception, we have been closely linked to this sector; we help several companies design and create robust applications allowing for continuous improvement of processes and cost savings.

Some examples of applications developed for this sector:

Applications for business management
Applications for aircraft maintenance
Applications for aircraft quality and process monitoring
Applications that take decisions based on events and fixed rules
Applications for staff training

Aviation Software
Software Engineering

Web applications for businesses

Our specialty! Whether you need to be on the cloud or if your application is set up on your own server in your offices, we can help you. Do you need it to be always available? Do not worry, our team has extensive experience working with web applications with offline capacity.

Mobile apps

Born in Android and iOS for different purposes, from business management to social networks, or that include specific techniques such as gamification… It’s up to you.

App Android iOS
Software Integration

System integration

Did you start with small applications that once fulfilled their goal but now fall short of it? We can integrate them into a single application and adapt them to your new needs. Data migrations are not a problem for us. The centralization of information on a single platform makes communication and processes flow easily.

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